S. Wayne Duncan, Ph.D.Clinical Psychologist

    Dr. Duncan is a clinical psychologist who works extensively with children and youth who are dealing with attention, working memory, social, mood and anxiety issues.

    He has a broad background in child development and family research and utilizes both individual and family interventions to address areas of concern. His clinical practice includes both diagnostic evaluations and therapy, as well as consulting with parents and schools around the clinical and educational needs of individual students.

    Dr. Duncan utilizes current assessment approaches in cognitive, academic achievement, and social-emotional functioning, as well as current tests for evaluating memory and attention in children and adolescents. His therapy approach utilizes a cognitive-behavioral framework with a strong appreciation of developmental, family, and school factors that can enhance children’s development of skills and coping strategies. Dr. Duncan also regularly participates in school meetings needed for the development of Section 504 plans and Individual Education Programs (IEPs).

    Since fall 2009 Dr. Duncan has offered Cogmed Working Memory Training as part of his practice. Originally developed by Dr. Torkel Klingberg and his team at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, this evidence-based intervention has proven helpful to many children and youth with working memory difficulties. For more information about Cogmed Working Memory Training ™, please go to Cogmed.com or contact Dr. Duncan at ABCD Inc.

    • Bachelor of Arts, Psychology (Honors), Emory University (1978)


    • Ph.D. in Child Psychology, Institute of Child Development, University of Minnesota. (1984)


    • Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Psychology, University of Denver. (1984-85)

    • Postdoctoral trainee in the Child Clinical Psychology Program at the University of Denver. (1985-87)


    • Clinical Psychology Intern, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. (1987-88)

    • Faculty member in Child Clinical Psychology, Department of Psychology, University of Washington, 1988-1995.


    • Faculty member in Educational Psychology, College of Education, University of Washington: 1995-2007


    • Researcher in children’s emotional and social development with grants from the University of Washington and the National Institute of Mental Health.


    • Author of various articles on children’s emotional and social development, including bereavement and divorce.


    • Consultant to public and private schools and child care programs on issues around a variety of topics, including emotional development of children, AD/HD diagnosis and treatment, and children’s peer relationships.

    Licensed Psychologist, State of Washington, PY00001910

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