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Melyssa Higgins, Ph.D.

Dr. Higgins joined ABCD, Inc. in 1998. She is a licensed psychologist who specializes in the evaluation and treatment of learning difficulties. Her background in mental health, child development, psychological assessment, and education helps her to identify the factors that are impacting a studentís academic progress. She provides guidance to parents about a variety of resources for assisting their child, including special education, classroom accommodations, private tutoring, and materials that can be used with their child at home.

Initially, Dr. Higgins will meet with the parents to discuss their questions and concerns. During this meeting, she will ask about the child's school history and development. Dr. Higgins will answer questions about the nature of the testing, and she will talk about what the child should expect during the test sessions. Testing usually occurs during three separate appointments and involves an assessment of the childís intellectual skills and academic achievement. She will also provide you with several forms that help her to gather information about factors that sometimes create learning challenges for children, such as attention. After the evaluation, Dr. Higgins will meet with the parents to explain the results and discuss her recommendations. If the child is experiencing a learning disorder, then time will be spent discussing what this means and answering the parentsí questions. After the meeting, Dr. Higgins will send the parents a detailed written report, which they can share with their child's teacher, tutor, and pediatrician.

A portion of Dr. Higgins' practice is devoted to monitoring the progress of academic interventions, consulting with other professionals, attending school meetings, helping parents make decisions about their child's education, and administering intellectual assessments for parents of children who are applying to special school programs (such as those for highly capable learners).

Scheduling an Evaluation with Dr. Higgins

    Professional Training
    Post-Doctoral Educational Psychology Resident, ABCD, Inc., 9/99 - 9/2000
    Pre-Doctoral Psychology Intern, Child Outpatient Program, Seattle Mental Health, 9/98 - 6/99
    Pre-Doctoral Educational Psychology Intern, ABCD, Inc., 9/98 - 9/99

    Graduate Education
    Ph.D. in School Psychology, College of Education, University of Washington (1999)
    M.Ed. in School Psychology, College of Education, University of Washington (1996)

    Undergraduate Education
    B.A. in Psychology (Departmental Honors), University of Puget Sound (1992)

    Washington State Psychology License, No. 2560

    Work Experience
    9/99 - present: Private Educational Psychologist, ABCD, Inc.
    5/96 - 9/98: School Psychologist, Highline School District

    Professional Memberships
    American Psychological Association

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